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A s a rule, you should be skeptical of anyone offering advice about anything — including me, and including this sentence. Some standards we're happy to perpetuate, others not exactly. Sarah Frost gives a rundown of her least favorite (read: “dumb”) dating rules. When you start dating someone new, there is always the looming question of when you'll sleep together for the first time.

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She would go on and on about how much it made sense, how it helped her dating life and how it contained the golden rules she was living by. Shutterstock. For the most part, I feel like the only “dating rules” we should ever mind are the following: Don't talk with your mouth full, and don't. The Frisky -- If you were to follow every rule and not just The Rules that have been written about dating, you'd be too confused to actually ever go out on any dates.

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What is this, the s? Exuding confidence works. Sitting at home waiting for love to happen doesn't. Here are 12 stupid dating tactics you shouldn't employ. Some dating rules are worth following, and some are just common sense.

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The process of actually finding your ideal partner can be even more of an arduous process challenge. Especially when so many conflicting sources spew outlandish advice for dating. This is why I have comprised a few anti-rules to dating. Because let's be real, at the end of the day no one really knows what the hell they're doing.

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It will always be more appealing to be the kind of person who thoughtfully and creatively lets your behavior be dictated by the reality of each individual situation, and who pays enough attention to another person to act according to what they want and need, than it is to be a diligent little rule-follower. The Dumbest Relationship Advice People Actually Followed “When my now- boyfriend and I started dating, I played hard to get—like really hard, to the point. Although shows like Sex and the City often made dating look exciting and fun, we sometimes make it harder and more complicated than it really needs to be.

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Of course you want to be loved on the inside, for who you truly are. While we may never know who came up with these silly dating rules, we can at least do our best to break them. That's right; break the eff out of. Internet Android.

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To clarify things a bit, I've come up with some of the top rules society thinks us guys should follow and why I think they are all stupid.

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This is my response to a popular The Frisky post entitled 10 Things Guys Should Do On A First Date. I want to publicly say that this post and the.

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